Review: The North Face Freedom Ski Pants

If you’re looking for great-looking ski paints that are able to take a lot of punishment from frequent use on the slopes, consider buying a pair of Freedom Ski Pants by The North Face. These high quality pants are currently among the best out there in the market when value-for-money is considered. Designed by one of the premiere manufacturers of sportswear in the world, these northface ski pants aim to raise the standards set by discriminating skiers in terms of durability, comfort, and style. Its waterproof fabric is excellent for keeping the crotch and leg areas dry without reducing one’s freedom of movement. Stylish and ruggedly handsome, these trousers are perfect for skiing and casual winter wear alike.

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These northface ski pants come in several free-fit sizes, with inseams ranging from 29″ to 33″. They offer ample room to move about, but not too much that they look or feel baggy when worn. The contemporary cut makes it easy to pair with most ski jackets, and is designed to make the wearer comfortable with his appearance on and off the slopes. From seat to cuff, there is really not that much to complain about in the Freedom Ski Pants. Generous allowances in all the important areas minimize skin-to-fabric contact that may lead to excessive warmth and discomfort. Adjustable waist tabs provide a snug fit around to middle, ensuring these lightweight trousers stay on even with rigorous activity.

NorthFace Freedom Ski Pants


The outer fabric is made from HyVent foxfaille mated to a Thermoliner II insulator within to provide extreme waterproofing, while allowing ample air to circulate inside. This keeps the wearer snug and dry, not only from outside moisture but from perspiration as well. Warmth is just right, enough that one can forego wearing thermal leggings or other insulation. The breathable material performs very well indeed: many advocates of the Freedom pants find it comfy to wear even with temperatures reaching well above 60 degrees. The patent shell covering repels slush and snow extremely well, paired with high quality seam work to prevent water from seeping in. For added waterproofing, stretch vent gaiters coupled with gripper elastic sealing protect the area where the boots meet the cuffs.

Extras and Features

The articulated knee design of the Freedom pants provide added flexibility to movement when bending the legs to reduce drag while down slope, which is also great for walking or running with them on. Regulating warmth is also made easier with a Chimney venting system on the trouser legs that provide ventilation when needed, and cool-looking zipped pockets where you can tuck in your hands for added warmth. Thigh vents with a meshed upper underneath also provide added thermal control. Other features include an extra-large cargo pocket on the right trouser thigh that provides a place to stow items, plus the nifty buddy clip for ski lift passes.

NorthFace Freedom Ski Pants

Form Factor

The North Face Freedom Pants is arguably one of the handsomest ski pants out in the market today. It hangs very well in most average skiers’ frames, with trouser legs that incorporate a sleekness that is just right. There is none of that overly baggy look found in other brands. The back flaps and angled zippers on the hand warmer pockets, while generally considered to be awkward, are rather tasteful in their appearance and add a lot of sex appeal. You can avail of your Freedom pants in any of these colors: pink, brown, gray, blue, and black.


While The North Face made a lot of smart moves with its Freedom pant, experienced users have found a few things to gripe about when it comes to the product’s features. Topping the list of complaints is the somewhat questionable placement of a venting system for cooling the legs off, when the item itself is intended for use during extreme cold weather. Some also feel that the leg cuffs do not sufficiently insulate against wind and snow when the wearer is located off the ground (as when riding a chair lift, for example). The back flaps covering the pockets, while stylish, are rather awkward. The angled zippers can be quite a problem as well, requiring the wearer to use his two hands to work them out, particularly in those pants that are newly-purchased and not quite broken in.


The North Face Freedom Ski Pant greatly outstrips competitors with its superior form factor coupled with a reasonable price tag. And although the functional aspects of the design leaves much to be desired, a lot of good things such as the excellent waterproofing, great fit, and durable material make it a top choice when shopping for a pair of pants to wear when skiing, boarding, or even just plain casually strolling down snow-covered avenues in the winter.

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Review: The White Sierra Billko II Snow Pant

Many people are looking for the best waterproof pants for their purposes. In this article, you will read a review about White Sierra Men’s Bilko II Snow pant. This is one of the best white sierra pants available on the market. There are a lot of features offered by this product. There are many people wearing this product because this can fit to modern lifestyles. This is a perfect choice for you especially if you love travelling. You can wear this pant anytime anywhere you want.

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There are a lot of features offered by this amazing product. Many people are interested with this product because of its features. Here are some of the most popular features of this product.

White Sierra Pants 1

1. Waterproof

This is one of the most popular features for this product. This pant is made from high quality waterproof material. It means that you are able to wear this pant without having to worry about getting wet. This pant is able to keep you dry all the time. That is the reason why this pant is very favorable during winter season. People love wearing this because it can protect them from snow. When you walk on the snow, you are not going to get wet when you wear this pant.

2. Made from breathable fabric

This is another reason why you should consider this product. It is made from the breathable fabric. This product is very comfortable to use. There are many waterproof pants on the market that are not made from the breathable fabric. As the result, those pants are very hot and not comfortable to wear. Choosing a high quality pant made from breathable fabric is very important especially if you want to feel comfortable when wearing this pant.

3. Partial elastic waist

This feature is important to make this pant fit to all people with different waist sizes. You are able to feel comfortable wearing this pant because of this partial elastic waist feature. That is the reason why this pant is considered as the flexible product for most people. You can adjust this pant with your waist line accordingly until you feel comfortable enough. There are many pants on the market that do not allow you to adjust the waist line because they are not made from flexible materials.

4. Get you warmer

Some people claim that this product is very effective to keep their leg warm during winter season. This product is very suitable for people who are looking for the best winter gears for this winter. This pant is specially designed with special materials that can keep you warm while you are travelling to any other countries with winter season. It is perfect to repel snow easily. People love wearing this pant when they are doing winter sport activities, such as snowmobiling, snowboarding, hiking to snowy mountains, and many more.

5. Articulated knees

This pant is also equipped with the articulated knees feature. This feature is very important to improve the flexibility when you wear this pant. It is able to make you feel comfortable using this pant during your daily activities. You can move freely when you wear this amazing product. This feature really makes this product very flexible to use. It is a perfect solution for people who want to get a product with a lot of flexibilities.

White Sierra Pants 2

6. Strong material

This product is specially designed and made from the strong material. You can wear this pant anytime anywhere you want. Some people believe that this pant can last forever. There is no doubt of the material composing this product. If you are looking for the best waterproof pant that is made from high quality strong materials, this pant is a perfect option for you. This is one of the best white sierra pants

Those are some important features that you can get from this amazing product. You are able to get this pant with very affordable price. By buying it, you do not have to purchase any other expensive snow pants from the market. This product is sold for only around $ 40, but it has a lot of features offered for you. It is the best snow pant on the market that you should purchase today. Many people love wearing this pant because it is strong, flexible, waterproof, and affordable.

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Columbia Bugaboo Pants Review

Columbia bugaboo pants are designed to resist penetration of water. It is designed to leave plenty of space that enhances comfort. The seams are sealed so that water cannot seep in when working in wet conditions. In cold conditions the user has sufficient warmth to protect from the cold. The pants are insulated lightly to avoid the loss of heat even in the coldest weather conditions. If you are an active person, then you do not have to be grounded in the wet season.

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The pants are designed in different sizes. If you are short, you will find something to fit you well without the need of making any adjustments to it. If you need to carry some items with you, they have secure pockets that ensure none of them get lost. They are light and will not slow you down when undertaking your activities.

Columbia Bugaboo Pants 1

If you love skiing Bugaboo pants are the best choice for you. They are reasonably priced in comparison with other varieties in the market. The quality of these pants is better than what else is provided by other manufacturers. The pants will keep you warm and dry which ensures you have all the fun you want. They also have an inner stuff that looks like gortex to protect your ankles from being ripped off by the skis.

The pants are available in an array of colors. You can select the color that suits you best. The pants are flared at the legs so that they can fit well over your boots. They leave room to allow your legs to move easily without being held too tight.

You might have a challenge if you are huge. The pants are designed for small and medium sized people. Large people may have to seek more to get pants that fit them properly. However, if you contact the manufacturer with your measurements, they can produce something in your size so that other people with similar challenges can find a solution.
When shopping for the pants you can use the internet to look for the right size for you. is an ideal site where you can find what you are looking for. They are offered at very good prices which ensure that you will get the best deal out of the pants you buy. You will have the pants shipped to you at no extra charges.

There are pants for both men and women. You can find an ideal size for you and your partner so that you can have fun together skiing. The pants are so warm that you might not need to wear heavy payments under it to help in keeping warm. When you do not have too many clothes on, you will be lighter and therefore will move with ease.

When engaging in sporting activities such as skiing, the pants are exposed to high chances of wear and tear. To withstand wearing out quickly, they are reinforced at the bottom. Thus, you can have them for a long time without the need of replacing or taking them for repairs. The pants are designed to withstand the rough use it will be put through in the wet season.

Columbia Bugaboo Pants 2

Although they are very comfortable and you are likely to find a suitable sizefor you, it is advisable to wear a belt or use suspenders. This is to ensure they remain in place at all times irrespective of what you are doing. For example when skiing, the pants might catch on the snow and they slide down your legs exposing them to the bitter chill.

Since they are mostly worn in the cold and wet seasons for warmth, they are not particularly uncomfortable when the weather is sunny. Some clothes may be too warm for comfort such that you would like to get rid of them at any opportunity. This is not the case with Bugaboo pants.

Before the next winter sets in, ensure you have your pair of Columbia bugaboo pants. They will protect you from the cold and ensure you have fun with your family members and friends without caring about the chill. There will be no need to worry about your clothes getting wet as the pants are properly sealed to avoid any water seeping in.

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Red Ledge Thunderlight Waterproof Pants Review

Outdoor activities call for the right type of gear. Without waterproof pants, you might find yourself finishing your activity in misery. Red Ledge Thunderlight waterproof pants are excellent for those who want to protect themselves from the rain or wet conditions. Red Ledge is a well known brand that manufactures outdoor apparel at affordable prices. The Thunderlight full zip pant are great for those who want to protect themselves from the elements while engaging in their outdoor activities.

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Waterproof pants
Water-resistant pants or rain trousers are used by people who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking. This type of apparel is also useful for those who ride a motorcycle for their daily commute. Waterproof pants are a great choice for those who live in areas that experience moderate to heavy rainfall. Red Ledge Thunderlight is perfect for people who are looking for a more affordable pair of rain trousers. Those who enjoy travelling, hiking or other outdoor activities that might involve rain or wet conditions should invest in apparel like this. Many people like to use these over regular pants during snowy weather for added protection.

Red Ledge Thunderlight 1

Red Ledge Thunderlight is made of nylon material. It is very breathable and lightweight. The nylon taffeta has taped seams which adds protection from the elements. Red Ledge boasts of its rip-stop fabric that is highly durable. Thunderlight is equipped with full side zips. This allows the wearer to adjust the pants with the interior and exterior storm flaps for added comfort. The T-Core® coating is an added plus to the already lightweight material. This is technology patented by Red Ledge which allows for maximum water protection that does not compromise comfort. Thunderlight is also topped off with a durable water repellent finish so that rain easily slides off the fabric. These pants weigh about 12.5 oz and can be machine washed. Thunderlight is available in six sizes from XS – XXL.

Thunderlight is made to withstand the elements during outdoor activities. Wearers do not have to worry about their pants tearing with the rip-stop nylon taffeta. It’s easy to pack and can be folded into the size of a canteen bottle. Consumers who have bought this product say that it is great for wet conditions and protects well during rainy seasons. It can also be worn while riding a motorcycle when all you have between you and the elements are your clothes.

This outdoor apparel brings about a new wave of comfort because it is lightweight and easy to wear. There is a convenient back pocket which can be zipped up. The adjustable sides make it easier for wearers to have a custom fit. The standard size for these pants allow for people to choose the right fit. Since these pants have adjustable cuffs, people who find them too long can simply change the size. Side zippers and Velcro lock water out for added protection from the elements. The articulated knee areas allow for ease of movement, especially during outdoor activities.

Tips for waterproof Pants

Red Ledge Thunderlight 2
Red Ledge Thunderlight pants come with a convenient mesh bag. You can easily store your pants in your backpack without getting your other things wet. These pants are easy to wear, you can pull them on and off over your inner clothing. Be sure to follow the washing instructions before you toss them in the machine. Thunderlight can be cold washed on gentle cycle with mild detergent. These can be drip dried quickly for those who are constantly on the go. Since these pants are excellent in keeping water out, you do not have to worry about getting stains on them.

Red Ledge is a trusted company that offers adventurers the best outdoor apparel at very competitive prices. The overall verdict for the Thunderlight pant is that it scores an A+ for comfort, durability and price. This outdoor apparel can be used by anyone who would like to stay dry during wet weather. These lightweight and easily adjustable pants are perfect for those who are looking for rain trousers or a pair of water-resistant pants made for hiking. If you are looking for waterproof pants that are within your budget, Red Ledge Thunderlight is just the pair for you.

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Seasons come and go but the most important thing that we should always focus on is the impact of the season on or day to day lives and our health. Winters particularly strike hard making outdoor working environment extremely harsh irrespective of whether it’s one’s professional career or simply attending to an outdoor garage back at home. Carhartt, which is a renowned heavy duty outfit manufacturer, steps in with a good solace point by presenting an efficient heavy-duty waterproof pants: the Carhartt waterproof breathable pants.

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Ideally, Carhartt waterproof breathable pants are specifically designed to counteract the harsh winter conditions when working outdoors while still maintaining a heavy-duty feel. These pants are particularly helpful for people working in building and construction industry, farms and may also be an important outfit for motor cyclists during winters. Back at home, there is no harm in slipping into this pant when doing some garage work or attending to your orchard since their toughness, waterproof nature and body-warming capacity gets down well with such tasks during winters.

Carhartt Waterproof Breathable Pants 1

Carhartt Waterproof Breathable Pants Features:

  • Made of 100% Nylon and 100% Polyester Fabrics
  • Highly Waterproof/Winter-proof and breathable
  • Wind Resistant
  • Adjustable waist and base through Velcro Closure
  • Has two-way zippers with full-leg stretch
  • Machine washable (cold)
  • Mid-weight pants weighing approx 3 pounds

With all these features at hand, these Carhartt pants are able to keep one warm and dry all day long, and still acts as a tough working gear. These pants are available in a wide range of sizes ranging from Small to XXX Large-Tall.

Carhartt Waterproof Breathable Pants – Pros

Heavy Duty – Having been designed with a heavy-duty feature in mind, the piece enjoys great durability even when one is working in tough working environments such as building and construction sites.

Easy to use as an over-cloth – The full-length zip that extends from the waist to the shoe base makes Carhartt’s waterproof breathable pants easy to put on over other clothes without much ado. The Velcro closure at the bottom also makes it easy to slip out of the Carhartt waterproof pants with considerable ease even with the boots on.

Wind Resistant – Unlike a majority of other waterproof pants which have limited wind resistance, these particular masterpiece is highly wind resistant; thanks to the type of Nylon fabrics that Carhartt uses in its manufacture. For this reason, it is considered to be an important over-cloth gear for motor cyclists especially during the winter season.

Easily accommodates knee pads – Some working environments will sometimes need some kneeling which makes knee pads an essential component of one’s working gear. With this fact in mind, Carhartt waterproof pants are designed to accommodate such knee caps through their buttoned chap-style double-front feature.

Medium Weight – Considering that these waterproof pants are more than just cover clothes, the 3-pound weight is incomparable with their associated features.
Velcro Closures to access pockets with ease- The Velcro closures provides easy access to the pants’ pockets and thus one can easily secure small items in the pocket with ease.
No Sweating – The breathability feature ensures that the body is kept adequately warm without sweating. This may not be the case with some of the body-warming waterproof outfits around.

Carhartt Waterproof Breathable Pants – Cons

While most of the outfits that people obtain from fashion and clothing shops corresponds to their real waist sizes, Carhartt waterproof breathable pants’ sizes tend to differ with such sizing. Many users find it hectic to pick the right fit by comparing the waterproof pants’ sizes with the sizes of their ordinary pants, eventually making them miss the right Carhartt breathable pants’ size. Gladly, Carhartt provides a “Sizing Information” segment to help clients choose the right pant size.

Carhartt Waterproof Breathable Pants 2

The packaging volume of the pants is also a considered a nag by a few users. However, comparing the volume that would otherwise be occupied if one did not have all the Carhartt’s pants features combined into one piece, it would be on the extreme end. Additionally, winters are always short-lived yet they can impart serious health complications if taken on a light note. For someone who really knows the importance of keeping himself warm when working outdoors during winters or riding a motorcycle with wind resistant pants, the bulkiness of the piece confers little or no meaning to him.

To sum it up, Carhartt waterproof breathable pants are among the top notch waterproof breathable pants which give good value for money. Additionally, the extra heavy duty feature makes them enjoy greater preference especially in tough outdoor working environments.

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